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LORIMA is a world leader in the carbon masts manufacturing. It is a team of 25 to 30 staff, most of them being present since the very beginning of the company, and including a calculations department. LORIMA is located in a 5000m² where the temperature and hygrometry are constant, which is ideal for carbon. Numerous controls are carried out at various stages of the production: control during lamination, vacuum control, electronically recorded curing, weight control and bending test after curing. A person is dedicated to the inspection of parts upon receipt. LORIMA does not want to get rid of these procedures in order to reduce its prices in front of its competitors.



Our double experience in Racing and Cruising makes us move forward faster than our competitors on a technical point of view. New ideas developpped on boats for the Vendée Globe, the America's Cup or maxi multihulls such as Banque Populaire are being directly transposed on masts for cruising boats. The new masts sections and the equipment we develop are therefore validated around the world and become very efficient on cruising boats. Easier reef systems, lesser use on the ropes, reliable attachments on the mast, easier hooks use, simpler furling systems, we have no limits and work with the best teams and engineers on all parts of the rigging, for our clients pleasure, and their boats performances.


We meet our client during the early stages of his project to exchange on the type of the navigation he wishes, the sails choice, whether he is planning on sailing alone or with a skipper and/or a team. We then adapt the mast and the rigging choice according to these choices et offer an appropriate rig taking crew and type of navigation into consideration. An important work is also done on the equipment for the mast, electronic mounts, radar, lights, etc.

Security for our clients

Our masts have been winning all speed records around the world for many years now, yet being very reliable. We use the same technology, the same masts tools and the same men to fabricate the spars for our clients sailing on cruising boats. The same craftsmen supply us with the unique parts that make masts stand upright, for a maximum security.


Our geographical location: Lorient is the home of high sea racing in France, which facilitates relationships with all high-tech nautical professionals and enables the exchange of ideas with shipbuilders such as Multiplast, CDK, architects like VPLP, sailmakers North and Incidences. We work on a daily basis on performance with the best spokes participants. The "couple" mast/sails cannot be separated and we work closely to win all podiums and to equip catamarans around the world with what is best.


A few records of boats equipped with masts from LORIMA:

  • Vendée Globe : FONCIA
  • Around the World Alone : IDEC
  • Northen Atlantic Crossing Record : MAXI BANQUE POPULAIRE
  • The longest distance in 24 hours : MAXI BANQUE POPULAIRE
  • World Sailing Speed Record : HYDROPTERE
  • And also… the mast for the largest sailing catamaran ever built " HEMISPHERE "

A mast properly designed, will be well sized and adapted to the navigation programme of your boat. Well built and equipped with reliable parts, we make no compromise on quality and control on each part. That is the reason why those who sail far, choose a mast fabricated by the team at LORIMA.