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July 31st - 2013 OCEAN EXPLORER 60


July 27th - 2013 FC3 100'


July 26th - 2013 LORIMA sur CNN !!!


July 24th - 2013 LORIMA en Pologne


June 1st - 2013 La Route des Princes 2013


May 20th - 2013 100' FINOT CONQ - NOMAD IV


Project manager, François Boucher, announced that the 100’ Finot-Conq design built in carbon/nomex at Maxi Dolphin left the yard on a truck and on a barge to reach Venetia where this
beautiful boat will be stepped with a mast from Lorima and launched mid July.


May 27th - 2013 MC 2 60'


April 15th - 2013 Some news from MS Hortense...

Here are some photos  from Hortense... received from the Antartic Circle...


Thank you for sharing those magnificient pictures with us...


April 15th - 2013 Voiles de Saint-Barth 2013

Multihull: Peter Aschenbrenner, skipper – Paradox

“The boat is really built for ocean passages and ocean sailing, so we feel very much at home when the wind gets up in solid trade-wind conditions, like 20 plus knots and big waves. The boat acts really nicely and goes really fast. I think we are more comfortable at the high end of the range while some of the smaller boats struggle a little more. It is really the luck of the draw, because last year was lighter. The trades are pretty consistent, though, so if you come down and do a few events you will get some great sailing.

“We would like to see more multihulls; it is the perfect place to sail multihulls! These boats can be a little wet when they are powered up, but then the air and water are warm. We would like to get some more fast trimarans; it is a separate breed.”


April 2nd - 2013 MC 34 PATTON "Courrier Vintage"


MC 34 PATTON "Courrier Vintage" gagne le Spi Ouest France Intermarché 2013 :

Bravo !!!


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