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SALES Department

The current sanitary context due to the pandemic of the Covid 19 has forced the cancellation of the boat shows which we usually attend.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Vincent MARSAUDON - Directeur
Sophie BOILLOT - Export
Nicolas Rabille - Commercial

Research & development

Our calculations department handles our masts conception and
manufacture follow-up.

LORIMA also subcontracts, to external design offices like , Rivoyre Ingénierie or Gsea Design (all renowned in the
racing industry) for more complete calculations.


Technical & Production Team

Lorima : about 30 employees, spread over 3 workshops:

  • Lay-up
  • Assembly
  • Paint and finishes

Spars manufacture starts with tube lay-up. Starting from raw material cutting, then followed by tool preparation, lay-up and debulking phases, ending with tool closing. The mast is laid from 0.2 to 0.6mm thick layers and patches. These delicate stages  together with the curing cycle ensure the quality of our mast tubes.

Assembly, with 6 persons, takes care of the precise task of transforming a tube into a finished mast. Fittings are either laminated, bonded or bolted mechanically to the mast according projects needs.

The workshop painting/completion covers sanding, painting and completion of our masts. With 37 meters long drying paint booth  and two experienced painters, this workshop ensures perfect quality finish to our products.