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Why a Carbon Mast ?

A carbon mast brings:

  1. More Comfort during Navigation :
    A carbon mast, stiffer than an aluminum mast enables to simplify the rig. This makes it easier to maneuver the boat, especially with a short crew.
    On a multihull, going to carbon enables to get rid off the spreaders and diamond.
    Weight gain in the higher part reduces pitching, especially when sailing upwind.
    On a monohull, your boat will not heel so much with a carbon mast, as it is lighter than aluminum.

  2. More Comfort when Mooring :
    A carbon mast tube is about 40% to 60% lighter than if it was in aluminum, depending on the fibers used and the fabrication method. The weight gain is also important on the standing rigging as it is sized for lesser loads. This weight improvement reduces rolling when mooring.  The rolling inertia is reduced thanks to the weight gain from a height.
    The boat equipped with carbon masts are noticeable on moorings, they’re the ones rolling the less.

  3. Security and Reliability :
    Carbon is a material with a stronger mechanical resistance than aluminum, resistance to impacts, without corrosion made by stainless steel on aluminum. The structure of a carbon mast will age much better than an aluminum mast. If you wish to have your mast painted, the adherence of the paint will be much more optimized on carbon and the pain will not flake away like it would on aluminum.

  4. Improved Performance :
    A carbon mast will make your boat more « nervous » and stiffer. The sails will therefore be more efficient and your boat will sail faster.
    You will notice less pitching and better performance for your boat, especially upwind with rough sea.
    Less heeling will also increase the performance and will delay reefing.
    As an example, on a 12 meter boat, weight gain with a carbon mast is about 70 kg. This weight gain allows reducing the weight of the keel and will lead to a stiffer boat during navigation.
    You will also save fuel when navigating with an engine: your boat will « dive » less into the waves and will maintain speed.

Some might not see the interest of a carbon mast for a cruising program, but it's importanat to keep in mind that carbon will bring you comfort, security and performance.