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A perfect workshop


Located in the old Kéroman submarine base in Lorient, Lorima has an overall working area of 7.700m2 spread over 3 floors. As each hall is nearly 100m long we can handle very big masts.

Performant tools...

The Autoclave


The spars are made with epoxy pre-pregged carbon fiber , cured at 120° C under a pressure up to 6bars. This is made with Lorima’s 38m long, 1.9m diameter autoclave. This tool is at the very heart of perfect laminates assuring strength and longevity of all carbon spars.

Paint Booth


A 37m long, ventilated paint booth with heating capacity up to 80° C guarantees perfect paint hardening and glossy carefree surfaces.

Mast Tooling


Our female tooling is made mostly of carbon/epoxy laminates, with some exceptions made in glass fiber or extruded aluminium sections.


The range starts with the wing mast tool for the Open 7.50m and at the moment the biggest one built is 53 m long spar for a 145’ Superyacht